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fredag 20 maj 2011

Obama, Netanyahu och 1967 års gränser

Som bekant meddelade Obama igår att USA anser att fredsförhandlingarna mellan palestinier och Israel bör utgå från 1967 års gränser:

“We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”

Netanyahus svar var avvisande:

“Prime Minister Netanyahu expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both Houses of Congress.

Among other things, those commitments relate to Israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines which are both indefensible and which would leave major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria beyond those lines.”

Dessutom, “Prime Minister Netanyahu will make clear that the defense of Israel requires an Israeli military presence along the Jordan River.”

1967 års gränser är de gränser som uppstod efter krigen 1947-1949 och som gällde före junikriget 1967, då Israel erövrade Västbanken inklusive östra Jerusalem, Gaza samt Golanhöjderna (och Sinaihalvön, som senare återlämnats till Egypten).

Den israeliska regeringen må tycka att dess krav är strategiskt motiverade. De är dock oförenliga med folkrätten, som inte godkänner några erövringar med vapenmakt – oavsett om det är fråga om försvarskrig eller anfallskrig. Se Generalförsamlingens Friendly Relations Declaration om FN-stadgans principer, som antogs med konsensus:

“No territorial acquisition resulting from the threat or use of force shall be recognized as legal.”

3 kommentarer:

Andreas sa...

Well, actually, the 1967 border are supposed to be a starting point for the negotiations, with mutually agreed territorial swaps acknowledged by Obama in his speech. This, I think, is negotiable.
More significant seems to be the question of the refugees and the right to return. This, I think, is not going to happen...

Andreas sa...

On that note: What are the IL norms on return of displaced persons? Is there an obligation on the part of Israel to take them back?

Pål Wrange -- folkrätt och politik sa...

On the refugees: In principle, yes there is a right to return to one's country. Of course, it is another matter whether that right can be inherited, since most of the original refugees are dead now. Another issue is property rights. "abandoned" property was nationalised with almost immediate effect, if I remember correctly, and property rights can be inherited. If ever resolved, the refugee issue will be resolved through compensation.